Men’s Quality is the workshop that aims to re-create you in masculine qualities, capable of facing any life challenges with full awareness, compassion and strength.

Thanks to them, you will strengthen your nervous system and the capacity of your heart to such an extent that you will be able to better accept life storms, whether they are related to your relationship with your partner, work or the fulfilling of your own purpose.

“Thank you for this workshop. It changed my life. I started to feel. ” – Peter L.
„I was born again.” – Sebastian J.
„Thanks to the workshops I do see now my life from the different perspective.” – Peter O.


Body work – movement, emotional release and relaxation.
Relationship with masculinity
– connecting with masculine qualities through a relationship with your father.
Inner power
– connection with your wildness and strength that creates rather than destroys.
– practices that develop awareness, acceptance, and compassion.
Release from constraints
– connecting with internal criticism and unblocking emotional locks.
– working with what is not seen.
– conscious breathing sessions.
– separating your superficial goals from the deeper ones.
– the experience of a healthy relationship with other men, brotherhood.


Mariusz Bocian runs workshops based on his vast facilitation experience and therapeutic work (over 1000 hours of sessions and workshops). He is passionate about how we change and live the life according to own purpose. He uses process-oriented psychology, sociodrama, tantra, bodywork, breathwork, bioenergetics, voice dialogue, shamanism and intuition. Passionate about discovering masculinity and femininity in herself and in all aspects of life. He has abandoned a safe, comfortable life for a passionate life, realizing only what he feels in his guts. Father of 3 children. He opens people and organizations to live in accordance with their inner truth, carrying out his mission through and projects.

“During the workshop, I don’t insist on anyone giving more than they can. I also disagree with mediocrity and running away from what is real. Each of us has own edge – place between comfort zone and survival mechanisms, where optimal individual development takes place. Specially selected excercies and appropriate approach, we are in that state of being during whole workshop.

I run all workshops in an intuitive way. Strong preperation combined with awareness and empathy lets me to hold the space for reaching our own limits, doscovering own strength, truth. I have a clear vision of where we are going. The way we reach our goal depends on the group and group dynamics.

I invite you on a journey of discovering yourself.”


DATE: 4 – 6 JUNE 2021, GERMANY

Start: Friday, 4th June, 18:00
Ending: Sunday, 6th June, 15:00.
Investment: 350 euro + accomodation. Small group, 8-12 people.
Place: details coming soon. Germany, nearby Bonn.
Registration and questions:

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